How to stop overeating? Top 12 ways

Definition of overeating

Overeating can be defined as eating more food than your body needs per requirements. That means eating too much in one sitting or taking in too many calories throughout the day are common habits that can be hard to break. While some people see these behaviors as habits that can be broken, they may indicate an eating disorder in others. Over time, eating too much food can lead to weight gain and increase the risk of developing a chronic condition, such as diabetes or heart disease. Here we’re going to dive into detail on how to stop overeating?

Regardless of whether you have an eating disorder, breaking the cycle of overeating can be challenging. However, some techniques can help. Here we’ll explore how to stop overeating? How we can get healthy food to avoid, stop overeating.

1: Limit distractions

A typical reason why you can’t stop overeating is that you do other things while you eat. This causes you to not pay attention to what or how much you are actually eating. If you want to stop overeating you need to focus while having a meal. You don’t need to pay attention to other work while eating.  In some religions like Islam that is the best way only focus on your meal even not talk to anyone else. If you’re getting fatter and worry about your health stop multitasking to avoid overeating. For example, eating while in front of the TV, or working. Hurrying can prompt you to eat more. To stop overeating can be possible if you can stop multitasking.

Overeating-at the Front of TV

2: Eat slowly to stop overeating

Research shows that those who eat slowly have a lower BMI and eat smaller portions. Eating too fast can cause weight gain instead of weight loss. Eating slowly can help you to stop overeating because it allows your brain more time to realize when you are actually satiated. According to the study and research, a fast eater can gain weight double as compared as a low eater. That means slow eating just does not prevent us to stop overeating it also affects our health as well. If you chew your food well too, more enzymes will get to work, and you will make more use of the nutrients in your food.

3: Plan your portions

An efficient way to stop overeating is to plan your meals in both amount and content. Different foods hold different nutrients. The health directorate recommends at least half of your portions be vegetables.

 Vegetables are low in calories but will occupy just as much physical space in your stomach as any other more energy-rich foods. Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. In addition, they help you fill your stomach and make you feel satiated. Hence, it might be clever to think about how you fill your dinner plate.

The first and initial step is to record your meal what you eat? Remember and record your meals and snacks like when, how, and, why you eat? That will help you to stop overeating and help you in the control portion as well. You can also focus on portions at restaurants that tend to serve more food than per your need. If they’ll serve more it is possible to overrating occurs. To stop overeating to control portions you need to avoid buffets, unhealthy food like fast food, and shared meals with your friends. If you wanna eat at the restaurant no problem but choose light and healthy meals.

4: Remove temptations to avoid overeating

You can do yourself a big favor by simply removing temptations. When you get home from work all tired and hungry, reaching for the frozen pizza will be a whole lot easier than start preparing a juicy seafood meal. So don’t avoid just temptation remove it. To stop overeating possibly to remove temptation. It does just does not prevent overeating it can also help in our health and fitness.

Because most of us, more often than not, don’t overeat because we are hungry. We eat too much because we are tempted. Yet we continue to try to lose weight by manipulating our diet rather than our environment.

Don’t fill your freezer with unhealthy foods and plan your meals for success. It is much easier to stop overeating when you don’t have temptations in every cabinet.

5: Get plenty of fiber to avoid overeating

To stop overeating you must choose healthy food, healthy meal plan. Even meal plans have a lot of other benefits like prevent from food wastage, wasting time, and many more. Fiber makes you feel satiated for longer. Both soluble and insoluble fibers must be part of your diet. Several studies point towards participants who ate oatmeal for breakfast feeling full for longer and eating less for lunch than participants who didn’t eat oatmeal for breakfast. High protein food can make you feel full which can help you to stop overeating because you’ll not feel appetite sooner.

Most people especially exercisers love to eat high protein low-fat food. This food not just helps to stop overeating it can also lower your disease risk like heart diseases, diabetes, stroke as well. Oatmeal is a great source of fiber and can certainly help you stop overeating. Fiber is also found in wholegrain, beans, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. You can check the list of high fiber protein meals here.

6: Eat regularly to stop eating at once

Normal in the daily routine life we should eat 3-5 times in a day. Like eating healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner are the musts. During this time you should satisfy yourself not to overeat. Keeping your blood sugar levels stable can surely do wonders to help you to stop overeating. Having a stable blood sugar level will keep your mood even too and increase your self-control. Normally overeating happens on a busy day or can be the cause of laziness!

For example, most people get up late in the morning in hurry they avoid breakfast. Just they are supposed to eat in the office. Or just will eat lunch. When they eat lunch they eat food more than their body needs and cause overeating. To stop overeating just you need to make a timetable for your meal. Instead of eating a few, big meals throughout the day, try having smaller, more frequent ones.

This prevents overfilling the stomach and will keep your energy supply more even. This makes it easier to resist temptations as they appear, and you will be more suited to control hunger and cravings also during the evening.

7: Reduce stress to stop overeating

Stress greatly affects both body and mind and might therefore be a brilliant way to stop overeating. By limiting the everyday stress, you may also reduce the amount of hunger-provoking hormones that are released when you are stressed. You can handle your anxiety stress, and depressions there a lot of ways. Here we’ve explained the top 14 and simple stress management ways. Because stress also affects our mental health.

There are many ways of reducing stress, from regular exercise to relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation. Often-time a change of focus is all it takes to get your stress level down.

8: Get an overview of your diet

If you’re getting fat day by day and wanna lose weight or for your fitness that is a great way to overview your meals. You don’t necessarily have to count every single calorie or write down the exact number of grapes, mangoes, grains you eat. Recent research suggests that science points towards overview making it easier to stop overeating. Because now a day’s most people want to lose weight in a short time as much as possible. If you know what and how much you eat, reducing the number of unnecessary calories gets a whole lot easier.

9: Limit alcohol consumption

Quite a few studies show a correlation between alcohol and the amount of food you eat. Alcohol is so-called empty calories, which won’t give you a feeling of being satiated. Yet it adds huge amounts of energy. When drinking alcohol your limit of resisting extra foods will be lower. Also, alcohol causes cancer. So to avoid overeating and cancer prevention limit drinking alcohol.

Researchers aren’t quite sure of what causes you to crave more when drinking alcohol, but one theory is that alcohol provokes a feeling of hunger. Some people say a few types don’t affect but according to the search, all alcohol almost has a similar impact on cancer.

Ethanol, the active ingredient in alcohol, may cause hyperactivity in the same brain cells that typically are activated by hunger. Under the influence of alcohol, your self-discipline decreases, and you will have a much harder time stopping overeating compared to when being sober.

10: Avoid last minute decisions

We all know how unclever it is to go to the store hungry. Your shopping list may be as short as 5 products. You can bet chocolate, a bag of nuts or some protein bar will find its way to your bag. The fact that you are already hungry when entering the store is enough to seriously affect your judgment and willpower. So recommendations are that you need to make a meal plan either for a week or for the month, day. When you’ll have a plan you’ll purchase that item as you need. Maybe it’ll take time while making a plan but it will also save a lot of time while selecting the food item.

You might be able to stick to a normal portion of dinner afterward. But the fact you ate that little something while waiting for dinner already added those extra calories to your day. A good way to stop overeating is therefore to plan your meals well enough to avoid those last-minute decisions.

11: Drink enough water to avoid overeating

Your body needs water for a whole lot of processes. Studies vary about how much water should we drink in a day. Because it all depends on your health, activities, and area where you’re living. A lot of body functions, organs like bowel movements, keeping the body temperature normal, and many more. When you’re dehydrated you may think you are hungrier than you actually are. Giving your body well enough water supply throughout the day is an easy way to stop overeating.

A study carried out in 2016 found a significant relationship between dehydration and an elevated BMI or obesity. One more thing tries to drink water rather than juice or similar to the meals. Water is free of unnecessary sugar and calories. Besides, having other drinks may cause you not to feel satiated as quickly, causing you to continue eating even when the body has already gotten what it needs.

12: Eat with like-minded people

It might sound odd. Although, we do have a tendency to make choices similar to the one sitting next to us. Food choices are no different. The social aspect of the meals may overwrite the personal preferences if you aren’t aware of it.

 Make sure to consume your meals with someone who shares the same goals and values for diet as yourself to make it easier to stop overeating. If your companion makes good choices food-wise, chances are you will be better at making healthy decisions yourself.

Bottom line to stop Overeating

Keep in mind after phasing any problem after overeating is not helpful for you or your body. You need to follow these steps, ways to avoid eating at once. But if you’re feeling still out of control to stop overeating the best way is to contact your doctor or do a special activity like a workout exercise. Because eating at once or at one place whole day is a common habit nowadays. To stop overeating not just prevent us from being fat it also prevents us from a variety of diseases. Like heart disease, diabetes, gas problem, and mental to disturb brain functions.

First, you need to get rid of bad habits like eating the front of the TV or sitting at the table to eat all day. Maybe before going to bed eating ice cream from the freezer, You must be aware of what to eat before bed? Or how much time before eating will be good before going to sleep? If you can recognize these bad habits that are point number one.


After finding and recognizing the bad habits now try to swap these bad habits with a good ones. Remember one thing eating is necessary when you’ll need fuel but eating all the time or at once will be supposed to overeat.

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