About us

Welcome to our website MBI. My name is Mani and I have been working on the tech rounded about 8 years. As a child, and have decided to work for people support and motivate them. I wanted to be a web programmer which was my passion at the time. I’m working and have completed many jobs for the clients. Let’s explore in detail about us!

I have completed many projects for many clients that were from different countries like, United States, Canada, Malaysia, Israel, Serbia, France, Italy, and Germany, and so on. If you need any work-related websites development, designing. Graphics, digital marketing, and many more. Within the time passage, I have decided to make a team of different web platforms. Because of huge client works and demands.

Self-Motivation about health and fitness

Around 4 years ago I have decided to write an article and publish it for people to inspire and motivate those who are struggling with their lives for success. Success either for the health fitness or for the life goals success. The objective of that is to discuss and analyze a variety of contemporary issues that facing in our lives. That is the reason I have started to read the real hero’s story. I noticed most people always suffered from a lack of self-confidence, self-motivation, and the methods how to get started.  That is the reason I have chosen an objective to motivate people through success stories, Quotes failure overcome success, and so on. So If you’ve suffered one of them then I recommended reading our latest self-motivational blog about health and fitness.

Main Topics

Megabloginfo MBI is one of the huge quotation and self-motivational websites. We produce high-quality motivational content for free and cite the world’s best thinkers, writers, leaders, inventors, innovators, authors, athletes, and iconic figures.

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  • Success overcome laziness
  • fitness

However, my intention was never ever to do poetry. In 2019 during Covid 19, I began watching the news, reading articles on websites, visiting Facebook pages, and discovering the world of fiction.

The very act of blog writing, healthy meals, workout, or writing about something that inspired me as well as my audience quotes, success stories, health, motivation overcome failure, and so on. So I have posted many quotes, stories, and motivational blogs. I’m still partway through further categories but don’t worry! But can assure you to provide daily up-to-date content.

Do you know? I’m very incredibly proud of my motivation for writing about health because of what it is, my fanfiction may or may not be! But it is still creative writing. I love and involving them in an original storyline that I never thought excited about. Therefore I will be posting new articles on my website.

Thanks a lot for visiting my website and reading about it! I hope you have enjoyed my motivations for these categories.